Any Business and marketing plan should be structured around these 7 Steps:

  • Step 1. Situation Analysis – Understanding your customers. Showing you why customers’ insights are essential and how to capture these yourself or via a third party.
  • Step 2. Situation Analysis – Marketing audit: where are we now? Demonstrating how to define your market, calculate the market value and build your Value Proposition.
  • Step 3. Objectives – Create sustainable objectives: Where do we want to go? It’s easy to create general goals, it’s harder to develop SMART objectives. This step takes you through the process of crafting objectives that focus on more than numbers.
  • Step 4. Strategy: Segmenting your customer base. If you already have objectives and if you’re ready to segment your business, start the guide
    here. This step looks at the key strategic initiatives your business can take and how to form customer segments.
  • Step 5. Strategy: Targeting new customers and positioning your business
    Growing a business involves finding new customers, this may be different segments or markets. This step shows you how to explore new markets and create marketplace strategies.
  • Step 6. Tactics and Action – Create your marketing action plan
    The key to making it happen is to create a detailed marketing action plan. This step shows different models of marketing management, how to create an action plan and brief an agency.
  • Step 7. Control – Monitor, manage and improve. The final step is about managing the process, monitoring action and measuring results. This chapter shares more tips and checklists for you to apply directly to your business.